Bridal Stories

These brides trusted Oceanside Cleaners with their gowns. Read their personal stories below.

Kaleigh’s Wedding Dress

“I wanted to make sure the gown was in pristine condition so I can take it out one day and remember the best day ever.”

Oceanside Cleaners - Brides - Mackenzie

Mackenzie’s Wedding Dress

“The designer is a genius, and I feel like her dresses should be treated like royalty.”

Oceanside Cleaners - Brides Feature - Shavonne

Shavonne’s Wedding Dress

“Maybe another young lady in my family will be able to use it one day.”

Oceanside Cleaners Brides - Shelby Thomas

Shelby’s Wedding Dress

“I love my gown and want to keep it as timeless as possible.”

Oceanside Cleaners - Brides Feature - April 2

April’s Wedding Dress

“I hope my future daughter or nieces want to wear my gown, so preserving it will make that possible.”

Original Veil Worn Again 40 Years Later

“Oceanside Cleaners treated me like an old friend, using utmost care with my precious dress and veil.”

Allison’s Wedding Dress

“I loved my dress so much and have never felt more beautiful than I did on my wedding day.”

Missy’s Wedding Dress

“I want to always remember how the dress made me feel on my wedding day.”

Oceanside Cleaners - Bride Hannah Douglas

Hannah’s Wedding Dress

“When I tried it on, I immediately lit up. I could not stop smiling, and I loved all the little details it had. “

Oceanside Cleaners Brides Feature Leah

Leah’s Wedding Dress

“My dress is very special to me, so it just made sense to take care of it.”