Real Bride Stories

These brides trusted Oceanside Cleaners with their gowns.

Close up of Clare


Clare “There were no tears shed or an “Aha! This is the one!” moment. I just knew!”


Madi “I felt beautiful and comfortable and knew the dress was the perfect one for me.”


Lacey “I felt like the dress was made specifically for me.”


Alison “As soon as I put it on, I knew right away it was the one!”


Laine “I hope to one day share with my daughter the dress I wore on the most special day of my life.”

Oceanside Cleaners - Brides Feature - Gabrielle


Gabrielle “I knew it was the one the minute I put the gown on!”


Colleen “I love my gown so much and wanted to keep it in good condition for years to come.”


Hannah “They were able to remove the stain and made the dress look even better than when I first purchased it!”


Ashlie “My dress is a token of remembrance from the best night of my life!”


Caitlin “When I tried on this dress, I finally felt like a bride.”


Kelsey “I didn’t want to take the gown off and knew I had made my decision.”


Renee “When I put my dress on, I knew at that very second it was meant to be.”


Kaleigh “I wanted to make sure the gown was in pristine condition so I can take it out one day and remember the best day ever.”

Oceanside Cleaners - Brides - Mackenzie


Mackenzie “The designer is a genius, and I feel like her dresses should be treated like royalty.”

Oceanside Cleaners - Brides Feature - Shavonne


Shavonne “Maybe another young lady in my family will be able to use it one day.” 

Oceanside Cleaners Brides - Shelby Thomas


Shelby “I love my gown and want to keep it as timeless as possible.”

Oceanside Cleaners - Brides Feature - April 2


April “I hope my future daughter or nieces want to wear my gown, so preserving it will make that possible.”

Original Veil Worn Again 40 Years Later

Original Veil Worn Again 40 Years Later “Oceanside Cleaners treated me like an old friend, using utmost care with my precious dress and veil.”


Allison “I loved my dress so much and have never felt more beautiful than I did on my wedding day.”


Missy “I want to always remember how the dress made me feel on my wedding day.”

Oceanside Cleaners - Bride Hannah Douglas


Hannah “When I tried it on, I immediately lit up. I could not stop smiling, and I loved all the little details it had. “

Oceanside Cleaners Brides Feature Leah


Leah “My dress is very special to me, so it just made sense to take care of it.”

Oceanside Cleaners Brides Feature Logan


Logan “I knew they would take care of my dress as if it were their own.”

Oceanside Cleaners Brides Katherine Cammack


Katie “I am so grateful for Clare and Oceanside Cleaners for ridding my gown of dirt, makeup, and even red wine stains!”

Oceanside Cleaners Brides Ally


Ally Bride Wears Her Mom’s Wedding Gown: 34 Years Later

Oceanside Cleaners Brides Feature Alexa Cronin


Alexa “I saved the gown for last at my first bridal appointment and the minute it was zipped on, I knew I couldn’t walk down the aisle in anything else.”

Brides Feature Emily Bunnage


Emily “My mom did not preserve her dress and wishes that she did, so I had her advice and encouragement to make sure this was something that I did.”

Brides Feature Laura McGarity


Laura “It is my hope that one day my daughter or daughter-in-law will be able to wear this dress.”

Brides Feature Lindsay


Lindsay “I wanted to make sure that no one but the very best would touch my dress.” 

Brides Feature Fallon


Fallon “I would love it if my future daughter would want to wear it or take parts of it to create a new dress for her!”

Bridal Stories - Kelly


Kelly “I’d read great reviews about Oceanside.”

Bridal Stories - Crystal


Crystal “I wanted this piece of my wedding day to last a lifetime.”

Bridal Stories - Courteney


Courtney “I would recommend them to any bride.”

Brides Stories - Angela


Angela “I couldn’t just leave it with anyone.”

Bridal Stories - Molly


Molly “My gown means the world to me.”

Marie Feature


Marie “Peace of mind knowing my dress is safe…”

Bridal Stories - Amanda


Amanda “I realized how important my dress was to me!”

Bridal Stories - Morgan


Morgan “I knew my dress would be in the best hands possible.”