How long have your drapes been hanging in your home without a cleaning?

You may be finding more time to tackle small home improvement projects than you had before! Have you thought about adding cleaning your drapes to that list?

You might not think that drapes need to be cleaned very often, but we recommend cleaning them once per year. There are many benefits that result from cleaning your drapes. The most popular is to “freshen up” your home and remove dust or pet dander. We are also able to treat mold and mildew.*

The process is simple and consists of the following steps:

  • You schedule an appointment through our office.
    • The majority of drape cleanings can be quoted over the phone by our drape specialist before we arrive.
  • Our skilled technicians come to your home to perform the cleaning.
    • Most cleanings can be done in your home, while your drapes are still hanging, however some might require a more thorough cleaning at our plant. Rest assured, when our technicians enter your home, they will be equipped with masks, gloves and foot “booties” to prevent harm to your safe environment.
  • We deliver the drapes back to you.
    • If your drapes require cleaning at our plant, we will schedule a time to deliver them back to you.

To schedule your appointment, please call our office at (904) 642-6177 and a member of our friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you!

* We cannot guarantee 100% removal of mold and mildew.