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Tips for Area Rug Cleaning

With the holidays quickly approaching, fall is a perfect time of year to spruce up the floor coverings in your home.

Rugs are a costly investment and should be cleaned regularly to prolong their life. It is recommended that rugs be vacuumed several times a week and deep cleaned every 12-18 months. The timing is dependent upon several factors, including foot traffic, smoking, pets, and children.

Better Homes and Gardens supplies basic care advice and things to consider such as the material of the rug (wool, natural fibers, etc.); special features of the rug (braiding, fringe, etc.); and evidence of stains. It is a good practice to save care labels in order to determine whether rugs can be laundered, spot-cleaned or dry-cleaned.

If you determine that your rugs should be dry-cleaned, Oceanside Cleaners is the perfect resource. For starters, we’ll pick up your rug. Then we’ll go through a careful, thorough 5-step cleaning process before we roll up and wrap your rug and deliver it home to you.

Extend the life of your rugs and call Oceanside—a rug cleaner you can trust.