Wash & Fold

Laundry piling up?

We give your machine-washable garments, sheets and towels the top-quality care they deserve—and return them to you fresh, clean, and neatly folded. Best of all, we offer free home pickup and delivery.

Pricing is only $1.50 per pound and rush service is available at no extra charge.

In addition, we professionally launder other household items.
Pricing for those items is:

  • Comforters $19.61
  • Blankets $14.61
  • Pillows $14.61
  • Mattress pads $15.61
  • Sleeping bags $14.61
  • Heavy rugs (over 4 pounds) $19.61
  • Small rugs (under 4 pounds) $10.61

We are happy to accommodate special requests, such as treating heavily soiled items or using dryer sheets or bleach. Simply place your request and we will share any applicable upcharges.

The Power of Gentle Cleaning

We use only the best quality soaps and detergents to ensure your whites are whiter and colors are brighter, along with soft water, eco-friendly products, and gentle cleaning cycles to preserve the quality of your clothes.


Schedule a Pickup

We offer complimentary pickup and delivery service, right to your door. Call (904) 642-6177 or click the button below.